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Eating Right on Holidays!!

August 4, 2011

Many of you may be taking advantage of last minute sun holidays, given the weather we have had so far this summer. Bearing this in mind, it’s important to note that a foreign holiday does not have to mean a holiday from your diet!

If you are going on a self catering holiday, it is still possible to maintain your DietDeli Programme, if you are doing one. All of our products can be prepared in any basic kitchen. In general self catering holidays are much more conducive to maintaining a weight loss diet, for obvious reasons. You are in control of what you eat,  how it is prepared and the size of the portion that appears on your plate!

For the journey, make sure you are not at the mercy of airport vending machines or fast food outlets – pop a few DietDeli Nutrition Bars in your hand luggage, maybe allowing an extra bar for any possible delays!

Nobody wants to spend their holiday abstaining from eating and drinking in a nice restaurant. It is still possible to do this without blowing your diet. As we have outlined in a previous blog – just be sensible. In a way, healthy eating is easier in warm countries. Various salads are readily available, after that it’s just necessary to go easy on the usual suspects – butter on your bread, cream based sauces and desserts!

Your exercise regime need not suffer either. Even lazy days at the beach can include short bursts of activity! In fact walking on sand, especially the loose sand furthest away from the water is great for burning calories. This sand offers more resistance and therefore increases your calorie burn. Get involved in a game of football or Frisbee with the kids and you will be burning even more! Unless you have a swimming pool in your garden at home, you will never have as much access to a pool as when you’re on holidays! Take advantage of this as swimming is great for toning your body and half an hours breaststroke can burn between 300 and 450 calories.

Enjoy your holiday and remember that a holiday from your daily grind does not have to mean a holiday from your weight reduction regime! Have fun!