Eating Habits for Weight Loss!


Thinking about how you eat is nearly as important as the food you eat when you are embarking on a weight loss diet. We are all guilty of “grabbing something quick” while rushing about on our daily business. Eating at your desk or in the car is something that everyone has done  at some stage. These “quick snacks” are more than likely going to be high fat snacks with little or no nutritional value and will not keep you from feeling hungry for very long.

Another eating habit which has an influence over our weight is eating in front of the TV. If you are distracted while eating, you are more than likely going to miss the “I’m full” signals that your stomach sends to your brain and you will eat too much. You will find that, when sitting down at the table and being conscious of what you are eating, you will find it easier to stop eating when you are full. Take your time eating – lay your knife and fork down after each mouthful and chew food thoroughly before taking another mouthful. Remember, when mindless eating occurs, your brain will simply not receive the message that you have eaten. Instead, it will send out signals of  hunger, which leads to weight gain and, ultimately to obesity.


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